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Grooming Services

Welcome to Apollo's Paws! We provide full grooming services to pets of all kinds and sizes whether they be Canine, Feline, Avian or Exotic.

Aviary Grooming

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Your feathered friend is welcome at Apollo's Paws. We trim nails, beaks and feathers.  We suggest wing trimming every 8-10 weeks with rates starting at $16.50. Beaks and nails should be shortened every 4-6 weeks with rates starting at $11 for beaks & $16.50 for nails. 

Pedi with Polish


Your sophisticated pooch deserves some pedi pampering! We offer nail grinding and nail polish color starting at $6. If your dog's nails have gotten too long, we will work with you to gradually get them back in shape.

Canine Grooming

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All dog breeds are welcome to our salon. Full haircuts start at $55 for toy breeds and $78 for large varieties. This includes toenails, ear clean & pluck , anal gland expression, brush and blow out. Besides our regular grooming we offer Bath/ Brush/Blow Outs starting at $25 for littles and $36 for large dogs and Face/Feet/Tail services starting at $36 for toy breeds and $53 for large. We suggest every 4 weeks for canine clients. 

Feline Grooming

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Our namesake, Apollo, on the right was a dapper looking man. We suggest bringing your feline friend in every 4-6 weeks for a bath and basic grooming (nail trim, ear cleaning & brush out). Rates begin at $25 for short-haired and $33 for long-haired. We charge extra for paw pads, belly and rear end shave outs and de-matting of undercoats. Full hair cut rate starts at $77 and includes basic grooming services.

Nail Trimming

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Nail trims are an important part of your pet's regular care. Walk-in's $10 and walk-in nail grinding it is $17. We recommend every 3-5 weeks for this service, depending on quick growth. Walk-ins are welcome! We do Felines, Reptiles, Canines and Avian customers.

Exotic Grooming

Bearded Dragon

Reptiles, Rabbits and other species need some TLC and we welcome them with open arms at Apollo's Paws. Pricing depends on type of animal and services needed. Call us with questions.

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